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How much does it cost?

It's less than a dollar a day with an annual plan! Or you can do our monthly plan, with no contract and cancellation anytime with one simple click from your account settings page.

Is it effective?

In a rigorous randomized study, participants using the online program for just a few minutes each week saw significantly more improvement (15% in just two months!) in how satisfied they were with their marriages than people who did not use the program.

How does it work?

When you become a member, your coach will prepare a personalized list of short activities that will help you to learn, practice and implement new skills. At any time you can also always browse our extensive library of interactive multi-media activities, podcasts, worksheets, videos, email series and more.

Does my spouse need to join?

No, your spouse does not need to join. The program is designed so you can do it alone or as a couple. Your coach can help you determine the best way to make the program work for you.

We aren’t married yet, can we still benefit from the program?

Absolutely! The skills we teach are valuable at any stage of a relationship. We think the earlier you learn these skills the better!

We are a same sex couple. Can we benefit from the Power of Two?

Absolutely! We welcome all couples (and even single folks) looking to learn the skills necessary for a thriving partnership.

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