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Wondering How To Save Your Marriage? Start With The 3 L'S.

Wondering how to save your marriage? Start with the 3 L's.

Your relationship is struggling and you want to know how to save your marriage—where do you start? The good news is, there’s a lot even just one partner can do to increase the odds your marriage will survive—and thrive.

Power of Two Online founder Dr. Susan Heitler recognized that the marriage challenges most couples face are ones that can be solved with skill learning instead of divorce. Anybody can learn and apply these skills to their relationship. Here are the “3 L’s” of Dr. Heitler’s How to Save Your Marriage Roadmap.


An important part of how to save your marriage is listening and reflecting. When communicating with your spouse, try to focus on what is right about what he or she is saying, instead of the flaws. Pay attention to both of your underlying concerns. Then state you how you disagree in a tactful way. By listening to and respecting each other’s concerns and wishes you can come to satisfying, win-win solutions instead of butting heads over the right way to do something.

2. LOVE.

Increasing love is a big part of how to save your marriage. Love means radiating positive energy towards your spouse—supporting, encouraging, apologizing, nurturing and being tender with each other. You can build love through small gestures such as a smile or a hug, and by giving and receiving joyful sexual intimacy. All these little bits of positivity and warmth add up to set a glowing foundation for how to save your marriage.


Marriage is a highly skilled learning process. None of us are born knowing how to navigate it perfectly! Marriage takes skills, and learning these skills is an essential part of how to save your marriage. You will see amazing improvements in your marriage if both you and your partner commit to learning and practicing these skills. At the same time, you can set a new positive tone that your partner will respond to all by yourself. If you begin using the 3 L’s, chances are you will soon see your spouse behaving differently too. Keep learning, and keep practicing! 


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