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The online alternative to marriage counseling

Chat with your relationship coach today.

The online alternative to marriage counseling

Want Answers To Your Marriage Counseling Questions? Read On.

Want answers to your marriage counseling questions? Read on.

One of the most common marriage counseling questions is, how do I choose the right program out of all the resources out there? This is a question that we thought a lot about when designing Power of Two. What is out there, what does it cost, and how do they all compare? We’d like to share with you what we've learned and hopefully give you some satisfying answers to your marriage counseling questions.

There are four types of online help available for your marriage -- audio files and videos, e-books, live counselors, and Power of Two Online.

Audio and Video as Online Marriage Counseling

Quite a few of the folks advertising online marriage counseling services are actually just selling box sets of Audio recordings or videos. Some come with a workbook, or an online assessment, or an e-mail tips series. Most of these provide information in the form of recorded lectures and are not designed to individually work with you as a couple. It’s a bit like buying a textbook—there’s no one around to answer your marriage counseling questions and concerns when they pop up. Price wise, these services tend to be relatively expensive.

Example CD/DVD programs:

Program name

What you get

What it costs

Marriage Fitness (

Library of audio files, 7 tele-seminars, a workbook,
some e-mails and a phone call


Light Your Fire (

9 hours of Audio recordings and a workbook


Marriage Builders (

6 cd's, workbook, and a book


Downloads and E-mail Series

Other online sites offer e-books, articles and/or e-mail series. These can be eye opening and informative, and are usually much cheaper than a CD/DVD set. At the same time, online marriage help books and other read-only information have no guarantee the lessons and inspiration will stay with you. Unfortunately, it’s easy to read and forget it. And again, the book can’t answer your individual marriage counseling questions. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach.

Example download/e-mail programs:

Program name

What you get

What it costs

Simple Marriage (

3 downloadable e-book articles


Dr. Lee Baucom (

1 e-book


Live Online Marriage Counseling

A growing number of services provide live remote counseling. You get a real therapist and a regular couples counseling session via phone or video conference. It would be great to have a counselor that came to your own home! In full disclosure, we didn’t try any of these call sessions. As for quality, we guess that the options for counselors are much like in the offline world—many are well-intentioned and capable professionals. At the same time, there are also some stinkers in the bunch. On the downside, many therapists focus more on working through emotions and their causes and do not teach you skills for moving on to a better marriage. Plus, it’s expensive!

Example online marriage counseling options:

Program name

What you get

What it costs Online platform and phone/video-based counseling $40-$70/week Phone/video-based counseling $40-70/week Phone/video-based couseling $79/week Video-based counseling $140/week


So what’s the alternative?

Power of Two Online.

Power of Two Online is the only fully online program scientifically proven to improve your marriage. The program combines the best of all the above options: the multimedia pizzazz of CDs/DVDs; the at-your-own-pace digestibility of a book; and the personal attention of a marriage counselor.

Power of Two Online includes videos, games, worksheets, e-mail tips and reminders, text message challenges and all sorts of other materials that truly leverage what it means to be online. Plus, each Power of Two user is paired with a coach to help them every step of the way and answer their marriage counseling questions. Our coach’s are real human beings who read your messages and send you personal—never cut-and-paste—responses.

Lastly, it’s convenient, cheap, and easy to cancel if you aren’t satisfied.

Sign up now for a FREE 3 Day Trial and start messaging your coach right away!

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