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What are members saying?

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Hi coach,

I wanted to tell you that just the thirty minutes last night watching, participating, and listening to the various activities/videos provided more tools than we had in all of our counseling sessions combined.

This site is a godsend.

~ Samantha

This website is so creative!

I am trained as an educator and I love how you guys have integrated so many concepts for enhancing learning in these activities. I am so impressed! and I'm so enjoying learning in this way!

~ Felicity

Hey coach. I just had another decision to make, and my wife and I wanted two totally different outcomes.

Once we discussed our underlying concerns, we were able to make a decision that we are both comfortable with. This is all new to me, and was not that easy, but it feels really good!

Just wanted to let you know!

~ Sal


An important piece from what we went through was how much anger can hurt a realtionship and how destructive it can be and also creating an exit and reconnecting strategy.

This is something we needed to do.

~ Andy

Dear coach,

Thanks so much for your help. I expressed my feelings using your suggested phrasing:

"When you go out with other people, I feel unimportant. I want to be in the forefront of your life, and I don't know how to get there."

Her response to me:

Then how about we go snuggle? (that's her way of saying "how about we have sex?") Of course you're important to me.

Its amazing how much of a difference it makes when I know how to express my feelings in a productive way.

Thanks so much for your help.

~ Jon

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My goal:

"I want a relationship without bickering or nasty fights. I want to be happy, and to enable my wife to be happy too."


Something happened the other day that made me realize that I need to take responsibility for making my marriage better.

My wife and I have very opposite personalities. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to communicate with her according to the way she sees reality.

It's not easy to do.

~ Greg

Hi coach.

I have to say it's pretty neat that there is a "live" counselor to talk to on this site. Thanks for your emails.

I hope at some point all this becomes like a second language, because right now its foreign to me!

~ Greg

Going through the exercises you recommended has definitely improved the I interact with my wife.

I'm starting to feel like I can let go of things from the past, which is really nice.

~ Greg


I actually haven't even told my wife that I'm doing this, just that I'm working on myself so that we can have a better marriage, and she has noticed some positive changes, so she says.


We finally made time for to go out this week. Went to share a banana split..It was lots of fun!

Anyway, she commented that she doesn't mind going out with me when I am in a good mood, but that usually when we go out I am she was nervous.

It really made me realize that usually when I ask for us to go out it's because I am upset at her...and that is no fun for her. Then we get into a spiral of me being upset that she doesn't want to go out, etc.

This time we both enjoyed ourselves, hopefully this will be the beginning of breaking out of that spiral thing!

Thanks tons for helping me become more aware of all these things.

~ Greg


I'm feeling pretty discouraged about my marriage today. I just don't think we have compatible personalities and we will always have problems.

It's too hard, I feel like giving up.

~ Greg

Great news coach,

Last week, when I was feel pretty down about all this, I decided to invite my wife to join Power of Two too. She's got her own coach now and seems open to what this is all about.

Time will tell, but I'm excited that we are finally working on our marriage together.

~ Greg

Yesterday we worked on a couple of the lessons together before going to bed. It definitely brought us closer ;-D

I want to make a point of doing that more often!

~ Greg

It's been a good week for us and I feel like we're making progress. But whenever I feel that way, something happens to drag us back to square one. So I hesitate in feeling too positive, but right now things are good.

~ Greg


I'm finding it much easier to notice the good things that she does.

And when I am upset, I am able to share those feelings with her, instead of shelving it away or having a full-blown argument like we used to.


This week has been good. I'm more in tune with the way my wife thinks, so the discussions that we have are much more on target.

For example, I got an offer this week for new job. I am not sure that I want to take it. We are still not sure what to do, but it was really easy to discuss that.

Coach, you'd be proud. I was upset when my wife came home late last night. I had specifically asked her to make it an early night.

It turns out she had a good reason for it, and was getting all defensive, but I was able to communicate that I accepted the reason and wasn't upset, but that it isn't easy for me when she gets home late. I think she got that and there were no hard feelings after that.

I am making a huge effort to notice the good things she does and compliment her for it, and that helps a huge deal. As of late, she is always happy to come home at the end of the day!

~ Greg

It might sound funny to hear this, but it is a totally new feeling for me and I am finding it difficult to realize that we agreed on something without arguing. AND I'm really happy with our decision :-)

Like I said, this has never happened before and it's new to me, but totally wonderful!

~ Greg

Hi coach,

I want to let you know that since I started with Po2, I've learned to think more before saying and doing things with other people, not only in my marriage. And I've learned how to unlearn negative behaviors!

This program is amazing!

~ Greg

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